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Cold welding of linoleum
Cold welding of linoleum This connection of cloths by means of special glue. Two of its versions are widespread. The first has rather liquid consistence and is intended for welding of newly-laid linoleum. The second is much more dense (in the form of paste) and is applied to restoration of the...
Group: Cold welding
Hot welding of linoleum
Hot welding of linoleum Experts in whose arsenal there is a welding device hair dryer for linoleum and other corresponding equipment have to carry out it. In brief, the essence of process is as follows. On a joint of cloths cut the flute suitable in a form a profile of a special cord - a...
Group: Welding
Waterproofing of pools
Waterproofing of pools Everyone who decided to be engaged in construction of own pool has to know that except a construction of the main bowl of the pool, he needs to take care also of arrangement of a zone around it. The pool is a beautiful place for cheerful and useful rest by all family and...
Group: Water insulation
Waterproofing of roofs
Waterproofing of roofs LLC Territoriya medvedya — the enterprise which not the first year works in the sphere of improvement of nurseries and sports grounds. During this time we created collective from the true professionals capable at the high level to solve any complex problems. We approach...
Group: Waterproofing of roofs


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